Warning: Reality Check Ahead

Ever found yourself waking up after a night out and thinking ‘Did I actually do that?!’. I’m hoping you’re all nodding in embarrassment to this question, because I certainly have, a little too often than I’d like to admit. Often the student life can catch up with you, nights out blur into one and going out really is your only priority.

Now that my first year at University is coming to a very sad end, I’ve had a lot of time to reflect everything that’s happened. From turning up to a seminar apparently smelling of vodka to waking up not remembering how I got home or how my friend ended up in my bed next to me.

I think it comes to a point in first year where we realise that living life like it’s still freshers week when your half way through second term and persuading yourself that cereal really does constitute as dinner are not acceptable things to do and that you should probably think about changing your ways.

Admittedly, a reality check which was well over due and didn’t hit me until middle of third term when I realised I should probably start acting like a normal human being. This was probably because suddenly everyone stopped going out and started staying in to revise. My friends were suddenly turning down a night out to ‘crack on with work’ and spend their days in library. Texts changed from ‘how much vodka have we got left?’ to ‘What’s on TV tonight?’

This behaviour was completely alien to me as even through A Levels (note, the only exams I ever revised for) I still went out, I mean I wasn’t going to revise between the hours of 11pm and 4am anyway? I guess my parents particularly relaxed approach revision had something to do with it.

Even now, with one exam left, I’d still much rather be in the pub than in the library revising what prerogative powers the Queen has. At first I just thought maybe I needed more fun friends but then I realised even though this is first year, not everything is a joke and my constant need to go out should probably be reigned in. I think the key is to find the right balance between going out and doing work and to learn to accept that third term isn’t going to be the most exciting time.

However, having said all this if you’re starting University this year, do go out as much as possible, just make sure you allow some time to complete deadlines. These years really are the best of your life.

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