You Don’t Have To Drink Your Loan Away

Going out is huge part of University life but unfortunately it can come at a high cost. Once you’ve added up entrance fees, overpriced drinks, extortionate taxi fares and the habitual pricey take-away on the way home the average cost of a night can easily be enough to leave your bank balance weeping. But fear not, there are many things you can do to ease the pain!


 1. Before you leave:


The most effective way to save money on a night out is to drink before leaving the house. This enables you to avoid the overpriced club drinks, and what with the various drinking games that can be played, pre-drinks can often end up more fun than the night out!

Use cash not cards

Try and avoid taking your card out with you. The dreaded feeling when you find a crumpled up receipt in the bottom of your bag telling you that you spent your life savings on Sambuka really isn’t worth it. Just take out as much money as you’d be happy to spend – it’s as simple as that!


2. The night out:

Choice of venue

Hitting certain clubs on their student nights is the obvious answer. Not only is entrance free or reduced for students but drinks usually are too (not free, we can only dream…).

3am munchies

Have ‘drunk food’ stocked up. At the end of a night the craving for hot greasy food is unavoidable and the lure of a take-away on the way home is ofen too hard to resist, but they can be pricey. Instead, buy in cheap pizzas, chips, or whatever strange craving you get after one (or ten) too many. Not only do you save money but it could be healthier for you too It’s a win win!


3. What to drink:

If you are buying drinks out, remember to look for deals and offers. Try to alternate alcohol with soft drinks to save money and reduce the chance of being booted out by the bouncer for projectile vomiting on your friends. Most importantly, DON’T try to be the hero and buy rounds, chances are these drunken generosities will not be returned!


4. Getting there and back:

This is the major cash-grabbing element that many students choose to forget on a night out. If the club is close enough then consider walking to and from, but make sure there is a large group of you.

If you need to travel a little further to reach your chosen destination, then buses and trains are far better than driving. You can avoid the dreaded ‘designated driver’ and not have to worry about splitting petrol costs, parking, and people throwing up in your car etc.

However if you do bite the bullet and spend money on a taxi, make sure you are with friends. This is safer and the more of you there are, the cheaper it will be!


Nights out are the main drain on student banks (don’t tell Student Finance!) but by following this simple advice you can easily afford to let your hair down once in a while without being terrified of checking your bank balance the following morning!

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