New cans can change your life

I’ve recently started co-hosting a show on Pulse 98.4fm on a Friday night (from 10PM until 12AM FYI).

One of the most important things for a presenter to have is a really good set of headphones. I love going into a shop and trying out all the different kind of headphones. I’m just a massive geek really!

I bought some headphones which broke in college and I think I cried over it, they were really good headphones! However being in the studio at Pulse I’ve had to borrow headphones and as kind as it is to have a pair at my disposal there’s something different about actually having your own set. I made a decision that changed my life, I went online and found my new babies. My gorgeous, cheap, bass enhancing sexy headphones!

It was a nervous moment when I walked into the store to pick them up. I had done about an hours research and I had taken the plunge to spend the last of my money and buy them! I walked up to the cash register punched in the numbers of the order and gave over my card… hands shaking and palms sweating. There was no refund on them, these headphones had to be good or I was screwed. My order number was shouted and I walked up to the girl and handed over my receipt. Not off to a great start the headphones were face down, when she went away to get me a bag I flipped them over and just like that I had fallen in love. These were the ones. The curve of the ear piece, the sleekness of the colour. It was a chemical reaction to a product I have only experienced twice in my life, with my MacBook Pro and my first ever iPod. I knew I was on to a winner!

I practically ran home and the first thing I did was rip open the plastic and tore of the packaging. There they were in all their glory, so shiny, so brand new. I took a deep breath as I plugged them into my phone and turned on my radio app. In 5 seconds my world was going to get so much better.

Later that night I stood in the middle of my bedroom and pressed play and I let the music flood over me. The sound of the guitars being strummed, I could hear every single breath, every stroke of a drum stick and every bass drop. It was a symphony of music. Something in me that I had forgotten about roared awake again, it was my LOVE for music. My passion I had forced down because it was seen as weird came flying back to me. I had forced myself to ‘normalise’ myself to the general public, to my friends and to my family. There was a time where all I could do was live and breath music. It ran in my veins thicker than my blood and here it was again surging, pumping, making me feel alive again. More alive than I’ve felt in months!

These headphones are more than just headphones. They are my gateway drug to the world I had forgotten.

These are JVC stereo headphones HA-RX300 and are so cheap at an amazing £15! Get them in your life if you love good quality.

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