Too Old For Cartoons?

2013 has already proven itself to be an exceptional year for the film world, with action-packed blockbusters such as the new Superman movie Man of Steel hitting the big screen and the incredible film adaptation of the Great Gatsby giving everyone something to talk about over the recent months.

Nonetheless, as much as I enjoyed ogling Leonardo DiCaprio in his latest role as enigmatic millionaire, Jay Gatsby; the films that I am most eagerly anticipating this summer are the newest animation creations, Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University.

At 22 years old, these are probably not what you’d expect to spot at the top of my ‘must-see’ list, but no matter what age, I just can’t resist the charm of a great family film.

When Monsters Inc. first burst into our lives back in 2001, I was only ten and was sucked in by the lovable characters and fun nature it brought with it. I deemed Mike Wazowski to be a comedic genius and just wanted to give Sulley, the big friendly giant a massive hug. Step aside Boo! So when I heard rumours of a prequel earlier this year, I could barely contain my excitement. On the 19th July, our favourite monsters will be crawling back onto cinema screens around the UK, as we get to experience Mike and Sulley’s lives at University, previous to landing themselves jobs as “scarers” at Monsters Inc.

My only disappointment is that Dispatch Manager Roz, from the first film, will not be featuring in the upcoming movie. Or will she?! She showed an uncanny resemblance to my old school librarian, giving me and my classmates many a laugh. Oops, that’s probably not the most flattering comparison I could make; sorry Miss! I’m sure the many new characters being introduced in the upcoming film will make up for those missed out from Monsters Inc. though and I look forward to seeing what Pixar have in store for us this time round.

No need to wait until July for some animated entertainment though, as Despicable Me 2 is set for release in the UK later this month. I don’t really have a childhood related excuse for my love of Despicable Me, but it’s awesome nonetheless! As one of the more recent animated movies, released only 3 years ago; it had a lot to live up to, proceeding top-grossing hits such as Monsters Inc, Toy Story and Ice Age. Despite this, it has proved itself worthy of being regarded one of the best animated films to date and went down a storm with children and adults alike. Its quirky storyline involving criminal mastermind Gru on a mission to steal the moon, sets it aside from all other films of its kind and I’ll expect nothing less from the sequel.

I don’t think you’re ever too old to enjoy a great animated film and I think this summer my inner child is in for a treat!

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