Waxing: No pain, no gain

The bikini wax; feared by many and braved only by a few.

Whether it be the Brazilian or the Hollywood, bikini waxing is somewhat of a woman’s right of passage alongside eyebrow threading and six inch heels, behind the beauty there is nearly always some degree of pain. So is the excruciating agony of having wax rip away hairs from your most intimate area worth it? Of course!

Before I begin let me confess that I’ve only had a bikini wax twice in my life and both times I regretted forgetting taking a pain killer beforehand as I laid there biting my lip in a rather aggressive manner and telling myself to think ‘happy thoughts’. Allow me to be your lesson learnt.

Awkwardness is also big on the waxing scene. Your beautician will tell you to bend your leg and adjust your underwear accordingly so they can begin. The small talk is probably more painful than the wax itself as you bare your private area. Though I’m asked where I am going on holiday and what my plans are for the rest of the day I cannot help feel just a tad somewhat self-conscious as I lay there feeling incredibly conscious of the upcoming procedure.

Hot wax in then soothed onto your skin. The heat took me by surprise every time. A strip of cloth then covers the wax and seals your fate. There is no going back now with only one way for it to be removed. Brace yourself. Perhaps a 1,2,3 countdown in your head? Then before you know it, it’s torn off. Done before you’d even finished counting to 3. To be completely honest the sides are fine and you’re almost lulled into a false sense of security that the rest will be as bearable. Alas, this is not the case. As tough as I think I am, the top part and middle are no picnic to say the least, not to mention the awful ripping sound which accompanies the sting. It does hurt, there is no hiding that but it is only temporary. Bite your tongue, it’s only going to last half hour or so.

Not to mention that should waxing be done on the regular, hairs will become finer and easier to come out, not to mention no more ingrown hairs that comes with shaving. That said the only downfall of waxing is waiting for the hair to grow but they do say patience is a virtue, perhaps just avoid striping down to your bikini pre-waxing.

Overall, I’d say endure the slight discomfort and take the plunge.

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