Luther: Angel or Demon? A Review

Idris Elba is back as Luther; series 3 of this most anticipated BBC1 drama has not disappointed so far even though (scaredy cat that I am) have been covering my eyes and in a high pitched voice screaming “Oh my gawd”, like the annoying cinema goer who just has to let everyone in the house know that they have been scared witless!  Blame or congratulate (depending on your disposition) writer and creator Neil Cross for giving us the darkest of edges to perch ourselves up on each Tuesday night.  A demented serial killer is on the loose and Luther is the designated catcher as well as being investigated himself for his controversial yet in eyes effective policing methods.

This current series has so far introduced to its audience some very interesting characters whose sole intention is to get to Luther. We have the doubter, John Luther’s partner DS Justin Ripley (Warren Brown) who has been thrown into complete panic at the thought of Luther being the not so ethical and ‘straight up’ copper he believed him to be.  The, I’m a dog with a bone interrogator DCU George Stark (David O’Hara) has caused this doubt to manifest itself and is obsessed to the point of lunacy with ending Luther’s career.  Luther’ savior?  Mary Day (Sienna Guillory) with her golden angelic persona has appeared out of nowhere and so far is the only pure and  uncomplicated dimension to the story.  Can she see in Luther what others can’t?  Will we be reaching for our hankies or could she be the twist of all twists we didn’t see coming?

Fear of Luther is the one thing that is evident in this 3rd series; but why so scared?  He has an unshakable quality which unnerves his peers, potential lovers and enemies alike.  He far from possesses the goodness which Gandhi had in abundance yet his unconventional altruistic strength is unrecognisable in this dog eat dog world; this lack of understanding means his colleagues can only show reluctant respect for this seemingly dark soul.

I see a character who is less consumed in himself and has a gift for reading mannerisms and determining the next step of villains and victims as if the answer is being whispered into his ear by an angel on his shoulder.  His cool, aloof manner would suggest that he has seen it all before but where?  Perhaps this is the question we should be asking DCI John Luther!  His actions don’t seem like that of a man with a conscience so delving into his past to find out what he has done maybe a waste of time.  To me, he is a man who has heard and seen too much which is probably why he has the ability to pick up like a magnet all the clues that everyone else misses.

Will Luther ever be able to turn his back on these circling vultures’, will he ever find his way out of this horror filled drama or is this where he chooses to be?  Well I hope its where Idris Elba and this talented cast choose to be for many more series’ to come.  Luther entices, scares, provokes and delivers…I think that’s what Luther would call a result!

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