What rhymes with ‘Hug me’… Here’s a little help Robin

After the recent phenomenon surrounding Robin Thicke and Pharrells new song, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Robin when he frequently asks ‘What rhymes with hug me?’ in the video whilst smirking and sniggering as 3 beautiful women wander around him. But don’t worry Robin, lots of things rhyme with Hug me, although I’m not sure you’ll bag a lovely girl with it…

  1. Bug me. Robin, look if you’re trying to get a girl, telling her that she bugs you isn’t going to work. It just isn’t. You might have heard the phrase playing hard to get but telling a girl that she annoys you and bugs you well, that’s a little bit too cool and soon you’ll find that she’s not even bugging you anymore… She isn’t talking to you. Awkward.
  2. Tug me. Well okay, Robin could be using this phrase in the way that pre-pubescent teenagers flirt where hitting and so called ‘picking’ on people means that ‘you well fancy him’. Init? But then again Robin would be very weird if he was hitting on young girls. And to be honest, I don’t think the supermodels in your video would appreciate that (however hip and happening and down with the kids he is).
  3. Snug me. Yes, this is what he means. Snuggle time, every girls dream. Robin is the perfect man. Or does he mean that?
  4. Slug me. Erm okay maybe he isn’t the perfect man? Wait, is he trying to tell us that he has a fetish for slugs and wants all women to turn into them? No Robin, keep that to yourself.
  5. Mug me. Oh come on, Robin really needs to learn that singing this in the street really won’t go down well. (Especially if he starts touring city centres. Did his mother never teach him anything?)
  6. Rugby. See he’s trying to be playful and cute which everyone loves… He wants his girl to be able to have a fun relationship where they can play fight (Maybe…). Good on ya Robin.
  7. Ugly, woah Robin. I don’t think that’s it.

8. Or finally maybe he means hug me and love me (which sort of rhymes if you sing it with lots of melody)

Oh Robin, please make up your mind about what rhymes with hug me.

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