Top game apps to keep you entertained

With global smartphone sales expected to hit the 1 billion mark this year, the mobile generation now have more access to content and apps straight from their devices than ever before. From social networks to films, music to TV, there is literally an app for everyone, with game titles having become noticeably more sophisticated throughout the years.

Here are some of the best game apps out there that are guaranteed to keep you entertained:


Infinity Blade 2

Developers: Chair Entertainment Group, LLC

Price: £0.69

This visually impressive game has been acclaimed as a “masterpiece” and a “masterful mobile epic”, and once you start playing it’s not hard to see why it’s received such high praise.

The Infinity Blade sequel immerses you in the journey of a young character called Siris. You must delve deep into a mythical world of Titans and Deathless tyrants to unlock the mysteries that stand between you and the powerful Infinity Blade. Not only does this game have a fantastical plot but it comes with cinematic graphics to boot.



Developers: Frogmind

Price: £1.49

Badland is the award-winning side-scrolling action platform title that is taking mobile gaming by storm. The atmospheric adventure takes place in a seemingly calm forest. However, look a little further and something appears to have gone terribly wrong in this fairy-tale setting.

Play as one of the inhabitants of the forest to discover and overcome imaginative obstacles and traps in this stunning app. The multiplayer feature also allows you to connect with players on other devices. Anything goes in the multiplayer mode as you sacrifice your rivals to the horrors of the forest in order to try to survive.


Tiny Wings

Developers: Andreas Illiger

Price: £0.69

Tiny Wings is your chance to spread your wings and fly… but there’s a catch. Your character’s wings are too tiny and you have to rely on the hills to slide and flap your way to the skies before gravity brings you crashing back down to earth. Fly as fast as you can to avoid the night and keep your dreams in the air.

Winner of the 2011 iPhone Game of the Year in App Store Rewind in Europe, Tiny Wings is a vibrant game that offers simple but skilful entertainment. Incredible procedural generated graphics makes tiny wing’s appearance slightly different every day, and the selection of characters and Flight School levels will see you exploring this app for hours.


PKR 3D Poker

Developers: PKR Limited

Price: Free

Casino game apps are becoming ever more popular, praising poker apps in particular as ways for players to “access their favourite poker games without having to compromise on their gaming experience”. It therefore comes as no surprise that innovative 3D online poker room, PKR have released their very own mobile title.

Play across a variety of virtual tables against players from across the globe in one of the most realistic and fun mobile poker games available. Choose from 40 different 3D avatars and enjoy video game style graphics as you play for real cash or just for fun in a variety of Texas Hold’em and Omaha games.


Deus Ex: The Fall

Developers: Square Enix

Price: £4.99

Fresh on the mobile market, Deus Ex: The Fall is a story-driven RPG that is set to thrill players with its incredible graphics and exhilarating action. Although a little pricier than other game titles, Deus Ex: The Fall is well worth the money as it brings a grand gaming experience to the small screen.

The game is set in 2027 during a “golden era for science, technology and human augmentation”. You play as former British SAS Mercenary, Ben Saxton as you face a global conspiracy and serious social divide in an attempt to uncover the level of control that powerful corporations hold over the dug supply, which is vital for physically augmented individuals such as yourself to survive.

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