10 Festival Friendly Hairstyles

Festivals are becoming more and more fashionable by the year, but with limited access to showers, hair straighteners, hair-dryers, etc, it’s not exactly possible to keep yourself preened to perfection.

Needless to worry though, as messy doesn’t necessarily need to mean A MESS (if you get my drift.) Seasoned festival goers such as Alexa Chung and Sienna Miller have been seen sporting the messy updo and ruffled waves at festivals for many years and I think when it comes to festival fashion, the more relaxed the look, the better.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous though, here are some simple hair ideas to jazz up your festival look this summer:

Ashley Olson Halo braid
1) Boho Braids

Braids are always a popular option for festival goers, as they’re a fab way to give off a bohemian vibe,  without being to difficult to achieve.

Ashley Olson opted for a halo braid, which is a really cute do for a festival; not to mention a great way to disguise a hint of greasiness after spending a couple of nights in a tent!


Diane Kruger side plait2) Simple Side Plait

Why not make like Diane Kruger this summer and go for a side plait?

It’s a quick and easy style, perfect for when you’ve got limited styling products. A few loose strands of hair add a nice touch and create a look that just oozes that relaxed festival feel.

A fishtail plait is an elegant option if you have a bit more time, as it is slightly more fiddly!


Alexa Chung's Updo 3) The Messy Updo

Alexa Chung is the queen of messy updos and always hits the nail on the head when it comes to looking relaxed, rather than scruffy.

This style can easily be replicated by pinning sections of hair back with kirby grips or tying your hair back in a loose bun and allowing strands of hair to fall loose around your face  for a cool, undone look.

Sienna Miller festival hair
4) Beachy Waves

Sienna Miller is known for her easy going style, so it was no surprise that she opted for tousled  waves when it came to her hair this year at Glastonbury.

This look is effortlessly cool, just ruffle some dry shampoo into your locks and go.

If you’re hair isn’t naturally wavey, try sleeping with your hair in plaits and then let it loose the next morning, for natural looking waves.


Nicola Roberts top knot5) The Top-knot

The top-knot has been very popular over the last few months and is one of the top hair dos for festivals this summer.

If you want to keep your hair out of your face while you dance away to your favourite band or hop around the campsite, this is the perfect option for you. Just pile all your hair onto the top of your head and hold in a bun with a hair band. Kirby grips come in handy for fastening any loose strands and can tidy up the bun if you have chosen to go for a more styled look.


Milly Mackintosh Floral Headband

6) A Floral Headband

When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a floral headband at a festival. It instantly brightens up drab locks and look great with any length hair.

Millie Mackintosh  brandished a floral headband this year at Glastonbury. A selection of quirky headbands can be found in high street stores this summer; alternatively you can grab yourself one from a stall at the festival.


Agyness Deyn Headscarf

7) A Head Scarf

Agyness Deyn has made a name for herself for her quirky fashion sense and she knows exactly how to work a headscarf, as she did this year at Coachella.

Headscarves are excellent for keeping everything in place, so no need to worry if your hair is not looking at its best. They can be worn with your hair down or alternatively to brighten up an updo.


Katy Perry purple hair8) Crazy Colour

If you want to stand out, a vibrant hair colour may do the trick!

Katy Perry certainly looked striking with her purple hair at Coachella last summer, so why not use her as inspiration?

If you want the colour but not the commitment, there are a variety of temporary and semi-permanent hair dyes on the market, such as “Crazy Color” and “Stargazer” wash in dyes.

Alternatively, you could create a flash of colour with a coloured clip in hair piece.

Lily Allen Wig
9) Wacky Wigs

If you’re feeling pretty adventurous, why not take after Lily Allen and go for a crazy wig?

No need to worry what your actual hair looks like, just pop one of these on and go!

The wackier, the better!



10) Hide Under a Hat

If all else fails and you’ve lost all hope for your barnet, you can always hide under a hat!

A festival favourite this year are fedoras and big floppy brimmed hats, as worn by Drew, Pixie and Florence. (right)


Essential festival hair kit:

Hair bands
Lots of kirby grips
Dry shampoo
Hair accessories

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