For The Love Of Perspex (Shoes)

Perspex has definitely made a comeback. Actually, I’m not sure if it could have made a comeback if it was never really ‘in’ or worn by anyone but anyway. It’s EVERYWHERE. From see-through bags to rain coats, it’s hard to escape this trend. Perhaps the most popular perspex options have been in footwear, particularly in the heels department. I’m not sure if we should be thanking or resenting Mr Christian Louboutin for jazzing up perspex and creating iconic heels that have been worn by celebs worldwide, inevitably leading to high-street replicas.

Still unsure about this trend, I figured that the best way to sum up perspex was to try it for myself. So I did some research in order to find the least expensive, but still tasteful, perspex heels I could find. To be fair I found some wearable and pretty decent options, but settled on some from (the ones I have are the same style as the neon pink ones below but are pale metallic pink instead). The Boohoo range is rather nice what with their variety of colours and their stilettos are almost perfect copies of Louboutin’s infamous originals, so I’ve posted a few examples below.

As for me, my introduction to perspex came for me in the post a few days ago, and I kind of love them. You can wear them with mostly anything but I like them best with skinny jeans. By choosing a simple style and by wearing it correctly- I think you’re onto a winner.

perspex boohoo

Loren Perspex in Neon Pink £20 (also available in Metallic Pink, Black and Silver)


Rania Perspex Ankle Strap £25 (also available in Black and Silver)


Amara Suede Boots £30 (also available in Pale Pink, Blue, Patent Black and Pale Orange)

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