Top 10 Movie Villains of All Time… Ever!

10). Regina George- ‘Mean Girls’

“Regina George is flawless” or so she terrifies others into thinking. With her girl-world fighting tactics being the stuff of legend, Regina is the most popular girl at ‘North Shore’ high school and the leader of ‘the Plastics.’ Often described as the ultimate queen bee, Regina George, who was played by ‘The Notebook’s’ (2004) own Rachel McAdams, has one aim in life- to acquire total social dominance and crush anyone who gets in her way of doing so. However, she does eventually learn the error of her ways and become squeaky-clean goody-goody two-shoes just in time for the film’s finale.


9) Lotso- ‘Toy Story 3’

Never underestimate the power of a teddy bear. Lotso is the ring leader of the day care centre where Woody and co. arrive, and one of the ‘Toy Story’ trilogy’s most hated characters, along with Stinky Pete and the infamous Sid. But Lotso is a resentful pink, fluffy teddy bear who lives at ‘SunnySide Day Care Centre’ and aims to make any new arrivals of the toy variety detest the owners who abandoned them, leaving them to be wrecked by strange children day in, day out.


8) Magneto- X-Men

With the ability to manipulate metal, Ian McKellen’s Magneto is one of the most powerful villains of all time. As the arch-enemy of the X-Men, Magneto begins his mutant existence being a close friend of Professor Xavier but the two clash when they entirely disagree on the co-existence of mutants and humans. From creating extensive magnetic fields to sporting a helmet that makes him immune to Xavier’s and all telepathic-based abilities, Magneto often seems unstoppable and is set to be back on the big screen in 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past.”


7) Cruella De-Vil- 101 Dalmatians

It’s true what they say- “If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will.” Whether Ms De-Vil comes in animated form or not, she truly does what she says on the tin. In each version of the film, Cruella whole-heartedly pursues capturing 100 tiny Dalmatian puppies to skin to form a brand new fur coat for her. As one of the most devilish villains of all time, she seems to stop at nothing to obtain the coat of her dreams, often encountering sticky situations and hopeless sidekicks that only hold back her wicked ways.


6) Alex- A Clockwork Orange.

Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of Anthony Burgess’ infamous novel ‘A Clockwork Orange’ in 1971 brought audiences the ultraviolent, unwavering and single-minded Alex. Played by Malcolm McDowell, Alex is seemingly inexplicably aggressive and physically forceful throughout both the film and novel. Although he rapes, murders and manipulates to no end, Alex remains one of the film industry’s most iconic characters, with his style almost more memorable than his personality or actions.


5) Freddy Krueger- A Nightmare on Elm Street

The 1984 film saw Krueger really brought to life as the ultimate dream master and un-dead serial killer, and began his villainous reign when he was still living, as a notorious child killer. Vengeful parents burned him alive in his boiler room style hideout and expected his sadistic sprees to come to an end. Little did they know that there’d be no fewer than 9 other films including various sequels and remakes, including 2010’s revamping of the original ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’.


4) Scar- The Lion King

Scar really is one of the most-resented characters of the Disney and movie worlds alike-and it’s well and truly justified. Not only does he murder his brother, lie consistently to his young nephew (particularly about how his father died) and force him to run away to face almost certain death, but he also attempts to take over his brother’s beautiful kingdom and attempts to destroy it. All in a day’s work for a Disney villain, eh?


3) Darth Vader- Star Wars

For generations of film-lovers, Darth Vader claims the prize for the definition of villain. Sporting an all-black clad outfit and vivid red light-saber, Lord Vader crushes his enemies and apparent comrades alike- basically anyone that stands in his way. Beginning life as Anakin Skywalker, which not only provided one of the Star Wars saga’s biggest twists but also made him appear even more sinful when he developed his conclusive persona. He captured Princess Leia, tried to murder his own son and possessed the power to strangle people using just his mind- let’s just say he’s not the guy you’re likely to invite round for your next family barbeque.


2) Jigsaw- Saw

Portrayed by Tobin Bell in the ‘Saw’ series, The Jigsaw Killer or Jigsaw is one of the film industry’s most antagonistic characters. He sets himself apart from other serial killers as he refuses to directly kill his victims; instead he makes use of lethal traps that cause excruciating pain or trauma and attempt to make his victims see the error of their ways. His traps aim to prove his prey’s will and right to live and he honestly believes his ‘work’ makes a difference to the world. After attempting suicide following a rocky divorce, Jigsaw noted that he only really appreciated his life once it was nearly taken from him. Best known through his talking puppet Billy, Jigsaw is eerie, vicious and incredibly dangerous because he perceives himself as the definitive hero.


1)   Voldemort- Harry Potter series

What could be scarier than a man without a nose? How about a man without a nose who many think has been dead for 12 years? Lord Voldemort (original name Tom Riddle) was played by Ralph Fiennes who also played a Nazi Colonel in ‘Schindler’s List’ (1993) and Lord Victor Quartermaine of ‘Wallace and Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, so really knows how to play a bad guy. He Who Must Not Be Named is the archenemy of infamous hero Harry Potter and is so feared in the wizarding world that many citizens refuse to even say his name. The Dark Lord also detests muggles (the likes of you and I who unfortunately possess no magical powers whatsoever) He’s basically a raging psychopath with an aim to take over the world, rid it of anyone different and kill anyone who gets in his way, especially Harry Potter who manages to slip from his clutches countless times. Nice guy, right?

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