5 Of the Best Bars in NYC

The best time to visit New York City is in the springtime because the weather is cool and it does not rain a lot. There are multitudinous bars and restaurants that have a great atmosphere and offer delicious food. Happy Hour is extremely popular with locals and tourists. The main reason is many of the city’s best bars all of a sudden become more affordable between 4pm and 8pm. You can buy a signature cocktail that usually cost $20 for half price and other drinks are two-for-one. Another Happy Hour enticement is the free bar food. Details about 5 of the best bars in New York City are below.


Little Branch in the West Village is a great choice. It has a clubby atmosphere with low ceilings and fantastic mixed drinks. If you decide that you want something that is not on the menu a neatly dressed and polite bartender will create a concoction for you. They are creative and customer service conscious. They are able to put an Italian twist on a Manhattan by mixing maraschino liqueur, Carpano Antica vermouth and amaro. There also are plenty of other custom-made cocktails


Tap Room #307 is an exciting pub in the fashionable Murray Hill area. It can best be described as a watering hole with TVs tuned to the games and a rowdy singles-heavy after-work scene. Tap Room #307 is more than just a singles bar, however because you will see that there is more going on than meets the eye. They offer a lineup of 40 craft-beer taps and two casks behind their long oak bar. The elevated booths are private and perfect for couples and their brick-oven pizzas and crocks of chicken-liver mousse are tasty.


Raines Law Room in the Flatiron District is dimly lit and has plush interior. There is no other bar’s atmosphere can compare to its cozy old school ambience. The drinks are prepared in a gorgeous room hidden in the back room where they keep almost every tool and gadget a bartender would want. They have a formal cocktail list which includes classic drinks such as Negroni which is a delightful blend of Old Cuban rum, champagne, mint and bitters. This drink is very similar to a mojito.


Gallow Green in Chelsea is one of the best rooftop bars in New York City. It is located at the Mckittrick Hotel. It is named after a Scottish field where witches were persecuted and hanged. You w

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