5 tips to keep you looking and feeling great this summer

Summer is already here and it is so easy to ditch your daily routines and enjoy getting a tan in the sun, many people tend to not look after their body in the summer, they like to eat junk food, party all night and not get their nine hours of sleep as an excuse to make the most out of the beautiful weather. Here are five tips to keep you feeling great this summer.



1. Exercise, exercise, exercise- Last minute summer shape-up plans can sometimes help you shed pounds and tone fast, but it does mean you have to put a lot of dedication and hard work into it. If you are already doing regular exercise before the summer season has kicked in, then make sure to stick to your healthy resolutions. Make sure to set a schedule so you can stick to doing your daily workouts.



2. Reduce Stress- Many people turn to comfort food when they are stressed out, so try to relax and spend at least half an hour a day doing something you enjoy. Plan a chill-out routine and this will help to get you in the mood for relaxation. This could be a hobby or activity like going swimming, reading a book or even meeting up with your best friend for a coffee.



3. Stay hydrated!- Hotter temperatures can increase the need for water, so how can we make sure we get enough? Drink water before your meals, as you are less likely to overeat. Have enough water on hand, whether you are heading for the beach or popping into town to shop around, carry bottled water with you at all times so you can stay hydrated without even thinking about it. It can also help to download an water intake app on your phone, so you know how little or how much H2O intake is going inside your body.



4. Get plenty of rest- One area that’s so often neglected in the summer is sleep,  as the temperatures rise in the summer season, we often find ourselves struggling to sleep at night. Keep your bedroom cool, dark and quiet. If you don’t have an air conditioner then a powered fan can help. Exercising during the day can help support sleep at night and it can also help to create a sleep schedule.


five a day

5. Eat healthy and stick to your 5 a day- Fill up on nutritional fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables this summer so you can stay healthy in hot weather! During the summer there are so many health risks such as dehydration, skin sensitivities and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Eating regular fresh fruit and vegetables daily will help your body look and feel its best during the hottest time of the year. Swap those packets of crisps, chocolates and fizzy drinks for a watermelon, yoghurt, green tea and many more. It’s the perfect time to mix up something chilly, why not blend up all your favourite fruits and vegetables and make yourself a Smoothie.

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