To Well-Dressed Dudes

A guy that knows how to dress is actually two points above the competition, and this is excluding personality and looks. Chances are, if you know how to match a jean jacket with rolled-up pant cuffs, I’ve bypassed your face and general demeanour to check you out. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got the makings of an endomorph, stand at 5’5, or got a resistance to lifelong learning- your stylistic decisions were enough for me to take a second look.

Please do not imagine that when I mean a well-dressed dude, I mean a man in a business suit, all spic and span, like he came out of a Sauder kid’s wet dream. Please do not imagine that when I mean a well-dressed dude, I mean a metrosexual. He’s someone who wears what he wants, and looks goddamn good doing it. He has the balls to pull off a look effortlessly for the win. I love a well-dressed dude, and this is one kind of love that does not discriminate. I admire without discretion put-together prep boys, dirty skaters, and stylish street rats. There is something appealing about a guy that knows how to put an outfit together, and it’s that he hasn’t let himself go.

Girls are attracted to boys that are well-dressed because it shows maturity in terms of he’s moved past letting his mom pick out clothes for him. This might seem a superficial, pretentious, and costly crock of shit but it’s not. To say that dressing well is a scam is to justify personal laziness at public presentation. Of course there are guys that make keeping it casual an art form and they don’t care what they wear no matter what’s forced down their throats about the importance of self-image. And some of these guys don’t need to have an exceptionally keen sense of dress to get noticed. Fair enough.

But it doesn’t hurt.

Maturity is the independence and confidence to know what looks good on your body that you feel comfortable wearing. The clothes on your back are not meant to compensate or make up for your lack of a personality or chiseled features- they’re not supposed to make up something that you lack. A clothing style expresses the dude as an individual.

Yes, the dude with scruffy Converses carrying around his Herschel on campus is an individual. He might fit a love-to-hate stereotype but he is an individual. Is he more of one than the nondescript dude that just threw it altogether in the morning? I wouldn’t say but he is definitely more of an interesting individual.

It immediately separates him from the rest of the crowd when he is wearing something that is not only stylish but suits him. It’s not for nothing that I create a narrative when I see a well-dressed dude. I instantly think he’s got his shit together, he’s a bit more aware of who he is as a person, who he wants to be as a person, and how he wants the world to see him. Not only that but he looks like he’s having fun with it. He’s someone you want to get to know.

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