Album Review: AlunaGeorge “Body Music”

AlunaGeorge may not be a household name but the duo have swiftly gained notoriety in the U.K and the U.S. The pair met through the social media site Myspace where upon George found the soulful singer Aluna and fell in love with her almost childlike voice, the rest as they say, is history.

The pair made it big through their collaboration with Disclosure with the track “White Noise” and then went on the release their single “Attracting Flies”.

Their deluxe album “Body Music” released earlier this week contains eighteen tracks and truly is one for the cool kids to have. The unique sounds of the album vary from sultry R&B of “Friends to Lovers” to futuristic pop sounds of “Kaleidoscope Love” and “Your Drums, Your Love”.

Aluna’s almost childlike voice brings a necessary human element to the music, however there is no denying that George’s complex bass lines bring the underlying unique style the duo are trying to get across. George truly excels with dive-bombing synths in “Superstar” and “Lost & Found” which are most certainly the best tracks of the album and incorporate the sound AlunaGeorge are all about when they first emerged as the sound of the future.

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