Packing light for a summer holiday vacation

It can be very stressful, packing up for a holiday as you never really know what to pack, you get too excited about your holiday that you tend to forget what you need to pack and take with you. You either go packing too little or too much, to avoid that last-minute pack here are a few tips for packing like a pro!



1). Travel size detergents- You can put that with your toiletries, for an effective and gentle wash, apply some hot water and rinse it out overnight, it can provide up to 20 washes. You can also just pop them in your toiletries bag. This also means you don’t have to take as many clothes i.e. too many shorts or jeans.


pink flip flops2).You don’t want to pack too many shoes as you aren’t going to get a wear out of all of them during your holidays unless you love your shoes! Always take a pair of comfortable shoes, something that matches the weather. Buy yourself a pair of flip flops you can get them anywhere for as much as £1 and you can wear them with all your outfits, and if they rip and tear apart, thats one less pair to bring back home. I would head for a pair of gladiator sandals, as you can wear them during the day and night. Pack shoes at the bottom of your suitcase and remember to pack into the corners of your bag, as sometimes lots of space can be wasted.


3). As for clothes- Consider everything you might be doing, i.e. swimming, city explorations, anything that doesn’t have a specific use doesn’t need to come with you. Head for light pieces of clothing if you are serious about packing light. I recommend a plain lightweight blouse; you can pair it with your jeans or your favourite shorts and dress it up or down whatever the occasion. You can also pack some lightweight dresses; a couple of dresses in your luggage will not weight anything in your luggage. You can wear the dresses on the beach or if you are going out to an evening meal. You can pack a plain maxi dress to wear in the evenings with a denim waist coat; it will be a great outfit to wear on the plane.


bag4). Canvas bags are great to pop in your toiletries bag, towels, and other things, you can flatten it out in your luggage so that it’s not taking as much room. As well as for accessories, also pack lightly, making sure you don’t have any jewellery in your luggage where it will end up breaking into pieces.


5). Head for a see-through washbag, as then you will know what you have put in the bag and its easy to find, its a great way to organise your holiday essentials and you can always look to see if you have forgotten anything rather then opening the whole bag up and getting everything out.

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