People go on holiday to relax, which is more than fair enough; but is that all there is to a holiday abroad?

Getting involved in the different cultures and breathtaking views countries have to offer is a huge aspect of travelling for me, as I would rather say that I have actually seen the countries I have been to, rather than say i have simply ‘holidayed there’.

I have just got back from a two week break to Crete, Greece, and experiencing the locals way of life over there made me think a lot. They don’t have much as it is well known that the county itself is suffering a huge economic crisis and has been for a number of years, but those I did speak to who worked in local restaurants and in bars out in the small towns there have said that despite their long and tiring hours, they wouldn’t have it any other way and are undeniably happy with their lives.

For me to see that was something to really think about as I’ve always thought of myself as simply living in England for the rest of my life, but why not try something new somewhere unknown to you and throw yourself into their culture and way of life? Food for thought.

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