My Nose Piercing Experience

(No I didn’t get that done!)

I finally did it, after wanting my nose pierced for a good nine months now I bit the bullet so to speak and got it done.

I courageously made my way to the piercing shop on a rainy thursday afternoon, walked through the alleyway to the grungey looking stairwell, passing a tattoo covered man on my way up. As I walked through the door I was greeted with a friendly face, which thankfully calmed my nerves slightly. I explained what I wanted and she said there would be a fifteen minute wait. After nine months, I’m sure another fifteen minutes couldn’t hurt. But this time I was actually here, sitting on the scrunched leather sofa’s faced with wall to wall images of tattoos and piercing displays. The piercer- made apparent by his multiple facial piercings and grumpy facial expression crying ‘not another one’ came into the waiting area and acknowledged me with a nod. He led a youngish man up stairs to endure his piercing experience.

As the friendly faced girl came over and asked me to choose what kind of piercing I wanted I knew this was it, I had committed, no turning back now. She went through prices and designs upon which I chose the plainest stud as I didn’t want it to accentuate my already large nose. As I flicked through twitter, debating whether to tell my followers what I was doing my thoughts were interrupted by ‘He’s ready for you now, you can go upstairs!’.

Deep breaths accompanied a nervous, ‘Hi’ as I walked into the anti-septic smelling, almost hospital like room. I laid on the bed whilst the piercing man as I shall call him cleaned the area he was about to stick a needle through. As I turned my head and shut my eyes he explained rather quickly that I had a few seconds to flinch whilst he pierced my nose but I couldn’t move too much. My already sweaty hands were suddenly slipping out of grip on the bed. ‘MMMM!?!’ is the noise I seemingly decided to make as he forced a needle through my nose. ‘That’s it, it’s done.’ As simple as that, the pain was over in a matter of seconds.

As I left the store I couldn’t help but catch my reflection in every shop window and admire the new piece of metal in my nose. After a day of having a rather sore nose, I can say the small amount of pain was completely worth it and I love the new edition to my face. I’m wondering now why it took me so long to actually do it.

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