Five Things To Do In Ibiza

Ibiza, party capital of the world? One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been too. With plenty to do, it’s important not to miss out on all the main things. And if you don’t get chance to do them all in one trip, it just means you have to make another visit and I don’t hear you complaining about that!

So, five of the top things I recommend you do while visiting The White Isle are:


1. Go to one of the ‘super’ clubs.

Ibiza is jam packed with venues, events and parties so it’s hard to pick where to go and when. Before you go I would definitely check out all the line ups and see which act you would prefer to see and sort yourself a little itinerary. You don’t have to stick to it but at least you’ll feel a little bit more organised before you go. On the streets, the beach and in your hotel people will constantly be coming up to you trying to sell you tickets. Don’t shoo them away, listen to what they have to say and they might offer you some added extras like a free bar!


2. Go on a booze cruise.

Usually these things have free bars, there’s plenty of fun and games on board and you get to see some amazing views too. Now, I know sight seeing might not be your first choice but seriously, drinking cocktails and shots with your friends is even better when you have a beautiful view of the island right in front of you.


3. Watch the sunset

Ibiza is famous for it’s incredible sunsets. Cafe Mambos is number one viewing spot for these. Grab your friends, head over to the bar and get yourself ready for an amazing sight. Listen to everyone cheer as the sun goes down and down until it looks like it has just dropped off the end of the world!


4. Visit Bora Bora Beach

This is like no other beach, it is the place to be during the day, with a terrace, plenty of posh sunbeds and the warm sea right infront of you I couldn’t think of anything better and more relaxing than this.


5. Go to Zoo Project

I went to Zoo Project for the first time this year and I have never been to anything like it. We all got dressed up and painted as wild animals from one of the many body paint shops in San Antonio and headed over to the abandoned zoo. The DJ played amazing tunes to us from the seal enclosure and acrobats cartwheeled and flipped all over the stage. One of the best things about Zoo is, it’s outside! Finally, you’re not stuck in some massive sweating club and it’s not overcrowded so your little toes are safe of been trodden to death.


That’s just a little list of the top things to do when you visit Ibiza, the island is jam packed with things to do and you’ll never find yourself bored. Don’t forget the sun cream though!

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