Why is it important to clean makeup brushes regularly?

Not everyone likes the idea of cleaning makeup brushes regularly, but the truth is we should be cleaning them on a regular basis that’s if we want to prevent ourselves from getting bacteria or even worse getting a nasty eye infection. Cleaning them at least once a week will prevent this from happening to your face, and you may even start to see a difference on your skin! The bacteria can keep on growing and reproduce on your brushes especially when you are reapplying the same foundation or product with the brush, this then can lead to acne break-outs! So it’s really important you get them cleaned regularly so you can maintain healthy skin.

The more bacteria that grows into your products, the more likely they will have a shorter life span and you will have to get rid of them sooner or later! Depending on how often you apply your makeup using makeup brushes you won’t need to clean them regularly if you don’t use them as much. But make sure you store them in a place where they won’t collect any dirt or dust.

There are so many YouTube videos showing you how to clean your makeup brushes, I like cleaning mine with baby shampoo as its soft and gentle on the bristles and it’s less likely to damage the brushes in the long run. But there are a lot of brush cleaners that you can use to take the entire product off effectively, If I don’t use the baby shampoo I would use the Mac brush cleaner, you’ll only need a small amount for each brush. Let your makeup brushes to dry overnight so that they are dry in the morning.  Your make-up brushes will thank you in the long run!

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