Marc Jacobs: King of the Beauty Industry

Four days ago saw the launch of Marc Jacobs’ new make-up range that has been launched at Sephora and Marc Jacob stores. His line, which has been described as far from subtle, includes 120 products ranging from foundation to lip gel to make any lady go weak at the knees.

In a press release about his line, Marc said “I see beauty in many things, and I am attracted to all sorts of imperfection, to style, to confidence or experimentation. It’s unexpected and surprises you.” In many ways, his love of surprise falls excellently in his delicious smelling and equally popular perfume range, the parent so-to-speak of the upcoming make-up line.

Marc’s fragrance line is something that will not be pushed out of the limelight with his beauty range. His new scent, Honey, launched this year with notes of honey, vanilla, pear and apricot to name a few, that springs out of the bottle and turns a beautiful perfume into feelings of joy – trust me on that! Honey is a perfect addition to his collection including world favourites Lola, Daisy and Dot. To prove the success that Honey has already, it’s advertising campaigns were shot by world famous German photographer Jeurgen Teller and includes testers in most magazines including Vogue and ELLE.

Sephora released a 5-product pre-launch collection on their website and sold out just as quick as it was released. It is estimated that his beauty line could bring in $15 million in sales to the designer and even though Marc might not have a lot of experience in the make-up department like other famous fashion houses Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent, it’s known to be filled with high hopes with everybody who is looking forward to it.

I can automatically agree that his beauty range will be an instant success. The fact that his make up is easy to remove and daring as well as fun and sexy-looking, it goes to show that Marc ticks all of the boxes when it comes to make up. After all, if there is any designer or fashion house who knows what women want more than women themselves, it’s definitely Marc Jacobs.

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