Review: The Wolverine

Director: James Mangold
Lead Actors: Hugh Jackman, Tao Okamoto and Rila Fukushima
Genre: Action/Adventure/Fantasy
Setting: Japan
Cert: 12A
Runtime: 126 mins
Released: 25th July in the UK


The Wolverine, the latest Marvel film is predominantly set in current day Japan. As the title suggests this really is Wolverine’s film, independent from the rest of the X-Men Wolverine is left to save the day all alone.

The movie kicks off during WWII, specifically in Nagasaki with a nuke about to fall on Hugh Jackman’s head. However like a cockroach Wolverine survives and manages to rescue a Japanese soldier in the process. After this flashback, we see Wolverine living like the beast he is. Scruffy and unshaven with no real purpose in life. This is until a firstly unassuming Japanese girl brings him to meet the man he once saved.

This is where the action really begins and Wolverine has to fight through various enemies with the added hindrance of his powers weakening for no obvious reason. With Wolverine not being the solid block of indestructible adamantium he once was, he finds himself vulnerable, not being able to withstand bullets into his forehead as he once could. This leads to him needing some assistance to defeat multiple enemies, including the infamous Yakuza, an elite sect of Samurai, a snake like woman named Viper and a 10 foot tall adamantium warrior with a sword that seems to have the magnitude and power of Thor’s hammer. However as all superhero movies conclude, Wolverine does not get defeated, his full powers return and even manages to bag himself the girl.

The good: The film has plenty of action and time doesn’t drag when watching it. Hugh’s portrayal of Wolverine, as always, is perfect and being set in Japan gives the series a nice change. The special effects contribute to the film and being introduced to new mutants and their powers is always enjoyable.

The bad: However hard I try I can’t help but compare this movie to the X-Men saga, just like when watching Iron Man and constantly having the Avengers in the back of my mind. If you watch this movie with the same mindset you won’t enjoy the film as much as you could,  these comparisons will never fulfil expectations.

In summary, the film is enjoyable, the storyline isn’t predictable and the quality of acting is great. I give this film a 6.5/10 and for any superhero/Marvel/DC fans I would definitely recommend checking it out. To give some modern day perspective, the film sits above the disappointing Iron Man 3, however still comes short of the surprisingly brilliant Man Of Steel.

And remember, always when watching a superhero movie, don’t leave before the credits have ended, there is always a hidden gem!

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