The ultimate chick flicks that you HAVE to see!

Now, I know I’m going to be seen as a social reject by admitting this but I’m really fussy about films and they have to be really good for me to watch the whole thing! Some films, however, I can sit and watch back to back, never tiring from listening to the same old joke, sometimes even saying the joke myself. (I know, I know.) My favourite type of film is the good old chick flick, whether this is a tearjerker to watch whilst eating an entire tub of ben and Jerry’s or whether it be a belly laughing comical one. But I believe that even if you are a boy, there are certain chick flicks that need to be seen and here a few.


Angus, thongs and perfect snogging. If the name doesn’t make you want to watch then I’m not sure what will. It’s about a group of teenage girls as they get their first boyfriends, filled with funny scenes and plenty of good advice like ‘Boys don’t like girls for funniness Georgia’. You’ll come away repeating the lines and wishing you were their friends. A cracker!

Bridget Jones. You have not lived until you have watched at least one of these films. Relatable, funny and amazing it will give you hope that if Bridget can find love, anyone can! (And she finds love with a rich hunk. Perfect)

The holiday. Perfect for the festive season, watch as 2 women who are struggling in love decide to swap homes (one in the UK and one is the USA)… Lovely scenery, 2 cute twins and a romantic finish.

Pretty woman. Another heart-melter and again if an escort can find love, anyone can! Although you shouldn’t take advice and become an escort just to fall in love with a rich man. No. But a great film, with great songs!

Beaches. My mum let me watch this when I was about 13 and honestly I have loved it ever since even though it makes me blub so much that my face goes blotchy looking live I’ve run into a bee hive. Nevertheless, the tearjerker is a great film but make sure you have a comfy seat, tissues, chocolate and someone there to cuddle.

Mamma Mia. There is nothing better than standing on the kitchen chairs, hollering the songs from Mamma Mia as you rein act all of the scenes (yes we did this at university). This film never gets old and you can bet your bottom dollar that it’ll always be on over Christmas! Go on get your dad singing.

Hairspray. The modern one though, where John Travolta is the mother. A fabulous film that has to singing and bobbing to all of the songs. Again it never gets old and what is better than having a sing with all your friends!

Mean girls. If you have never shouted ‘Boo you whore’, ‘Your mums chest hair’ or ‘She doesn’t even go here!’ then you just haven’t had a good teen life. Not the most politically correct film with lines like ‘He’s almost too gay to function’ but its Mean girls and it is THE ultimate chick flick.

Confessions of a shopaholic. I love this film and admittedly sometimes when my phone rings all I can hear is ‘Do not answer the phone, its Derek Smith’ which suggests that I had watched it too much? No. A light hearted film that doesn’t need much concentration but ends romantically. What else could you want?

Stepmom. Get your tissues out and I mean a whole loo roll. A mum finds out she has cancer and then becomes negative towards the new stepmom (hint the name) as this is the woman that her children will grow up with. Combine illness, Christmas, children, sad songs and a happy ending, this film will have you end up as a shell of a person.

The sisterhood of travelling pants. A cute film that follows a group of friends as they head off in different ways but send the same pair of jeans to each other (dirty I know) which continues their friendship. Okay okay, it’s a bit sickly but come one, it’s cute.

Grease. No other words need to be said.

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