Movie Review: 2 Guns

I went to see 2 Guns at my local cinema, on the opening night, at the only evening showing at 8:40pm. The screen was less than 20% full, possibly showing a hint of people’s expectations for this movie or yet another sign of a dying cinema.

But moving on, I hadn’t even seen the trailer before going to see 2 Guns. I could see that Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg were starring in it and this was enough to persuade me to give the film a chance. Purely because of Denzel, being one of my favourite actors who has starred in unforgettable films like Man on Fire and Training Day, and Mark Wahlberg who has gained my respect in recent years as a diverse actor being able to play serious roles like the one he had in, The Departed yet still not taking himself too seriously, staring in the hilarious Ted.  This all said gave me a clear head, let me sit back, relax and have no preconceptions about how this movie will turn out.

The main action in this film revolves around Denzel and Wahlberg stealing what is thought to be a drug cartels money, from safety deposit boxes within a bank. However both characters at the time of committing this crime are undercover, with Denzel being a DEA agent and Wahlberg working for US Naval Intelligence. Both men do not know the truth about the other and have different ambitions for the money. After the robbery, Mark learns the truth about Denzel, shoots him in aim to wound but not kill him, then steals the money and rendezvous with his Navy compatriots. Here the plot thickens and starts to get slightly confusing, as the Naval men try to murder Wahlberg for not killing Denzel.  It is also uncovered that the money didn’t belong to the drug cartel and in fact was money being deposited to pay off the CIA, to ease police involvement around the drug cartels movements. This deep seeded corruption means that Denzel and Mark must team up, as they are both being hunted by the CIA, the Navel intelligence unit that Mark once belonged to and the drug cartel in order to retrieve the money and not leave any witnesses behind.

Now it wouldn’t be a good film without a happy ending would it? I think that’s enough of a hint for you to know who ends up on top, in this web of corruption, deceit and murder.

The good: Denzel and Wahlberg have great chemistry on screen that is believable and enjoyable to watch.

The bad: The final scene where the various links come together in one final bang seemed very abrupt and I would have liked to have seen more time spent here. Also the film itself can be rather confusing at times, because as the viewer you do not always know who to trust and who in fact is the good/bad guy, which I felt was unnecessary.

In summary I give this film a 6.5/10. It’s an easy going, not too serious, shoot em’ up action film. Nothing that I would recommend or buy on DVD, however when it appears on Sky Movies I will probably watch it again.

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