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When I moved back to London, one of my biggest peeves was having to use public transportation to get around, I absolutely dreaded it. I could never decipher the hieroglyphics that is a map and whenever I tried, I’d get frustrated, rip it to shreds and grab another.

Like the extortionate TFL prices that we are subjected to on a daily basis wasn’t enough, you’re now telling me I won’t be at the right place and on time? Imagine having a job interview and being late because you couldn’t find your way around.

This would definitely irk a person and employers do not want to hear your excuses, its not only your time you’re wasting, its theirs too. Besides, I cannot even begin talking about the ‘characters’ one encounters whilst using public transportation and what it exposes you to.

I was so used to travelling by taxi, everything is so much cheaper up North – taxis everywhere locally costs no more than £2.50 and because everyone knew each other, you often get the employee discount. So if you have a pretty girlfriend, make sure she books your journeys.

Then I came across Citymapper and I knew my life was complete. This nifty app has revolutionised the way I think about travelling around this big city of ours. Giving me accurate directions, cheapest routes and the occasional humorous forms of travel. (I’ll get to that later)

It’s up-to-date live coverage is ideal for the busy lifestyle of every Londoner, informing you of delays, breakdowns and all alternative routes. I also like the informative ‘walk’ feature. If you’re not a walking sat nav like myself then you will really appreciate this feature.

My navigation skills are abysmal, I use to think I would need to work on it because I am a man, and real men do not ask for directions. It is weak, have you not seen the McCoys crisp advert? On a serious note though, if you’re lost, you are lost. You need all the help you can get.

Now, I shall let you in on a little secret, between you and me I think Boris Johnson has a few secret plans for London that may have been leaked through this app. I mean so far, the alternate suggestion to the norm of train, bus, overground, tram etc has been teleportation, jetpack or catapult. Can you imagine? Boris Bikes one day, Boris Jetpacks the next.

Citymapper Screenshot

It would be pretty cool though, don’t you think.

Anyway, this is me advocating the Citymapper app, trust me, it will make your journeys a LOT easier. I cannot guarantee that you will not come across interesting individuals though. If you are a frequent mapper user then you will know what I am talking about and if you’re not, in the words of the famous comedian Kevin Hart – You gon learn today.

This is Ade Lawal and I approve the use of Citymapper.

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