Cheryl Cole and her bum tattoo making front page news

A front page story normally revolves around a big world story such as a natural disaster or appointment of a new president, but this time it was Cheryl Cole’s bottom making front page news on Sunday.

On Saturday Twitter went crazy, as people learnt that Cheryl Cole had had massive roses tattooed all over her bum cheeks.  In February, this year we had originally learnt that our favourite Geordie girl had roses tattooed on the lower part of her back. This was shocking enough for some people. But learning that the rose design extends to her bottom was enough to make everyone gasp.

The news was broken by her tattoo artist, Nikko Hurtado who posted a picture on Instagram stating that it was a design he was currently ‘reworking’. Cheryl later confirmed the news through her Twitter page, answering various fans questions about her new design. She told followers that the tattoo took seven to eight hours and she had had it for seven to eight months. Cheryl also revealed that part of the reason she got it done was because she loves English roses.

I am still aghast at how this story made a front page of a national newspaper, there must be some people out there with more tattoos than she has but have never even graced a page in a newspaper before. One can only assume that this is so shocking to some because she is known to be very feminine and classically beautiful and we do not normally associate massive works of body art with someone so poised and womanly. For her to get something done that takes up an overwhelming part of her anatomy is alarming to most.

What do you think of Cheryl Cole’s new tattoo? Do you think it was front page worthy?

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