Fashion: can we ever get it right?

There are the obvious fashion rules you hear of when you have a glance through Cosmopolitan or Grazia magazine. Don’t mix black and brown, never wear leggings with just a top; all black is for funerals only.

Yet, I was asking myself on how many occasions do I get it wrong? Is anyone ever on point 100% of the time for the entirety of his or her lives from birth till death? The simple answer to that is no. There are days when I don’t leave the house, I scrape my hair back, but on a shapeless baggy t-shirt with leggings and relax. I know I don’t look good, but I don’t care, if no one is going to see me what is the problem? I will admit answering the door unexpectedly to the postman looking like a tramp can be embarrassing, but once you’ve got your deliveries chances are you wont see them again.

The person that struck me most this year was Kim Kardashian, even though she was pregnant the target on her forehead was hit repeatedly. Adjusting to a changing body and hormones wasn’t enough to keep her from wearing the stuff that would bring most pregnant women out in a hot sweat; leather skirts aren’t for everyone. Week after week she was on the worst dressed lists, wearing leather, caged sandals, a high neck floor length super flowery gown.

I would say getting it right is a matter of perspective. Who’s opinion should you really value when it comes to fashion? Do you think rules are applicable to fashion even though it’s a form of self-expression?

If you think you should follow a set of fashion rules other than your own then your wrong. Getting it right is about what you think, whether jelly sandals are your thing or you think double denim is making a comeback. Your rules are the only ones you should follow. Be a leader, remember the tiger never lost sleep over the opinion of a sheep.

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