A/W One To Watch: H&M

That time of year is here again, the time that fashion fans and shopaholics dread- the transitional period between Spring/Summer to Autumn/Winter throughout the land of fashion.

Stores and websites have minimal pieces from their winter ranges available, and all of the summer bits and bobs are on a seemingly never ending sale. It’s that ‘make your mind up’ season until mid-September.

However, this doesn’t prevent them from giving us a sneak peek of what’s to come.

I received the H&M A/W catalogue the other day and was very impressed. They’ve always been a go-to high street brand but let’s remember, this year H&M has come a long way- from their debut runway show in Paris Fashion Week A/W 2013, their designer collaborations soaring through the roof (H&M + Isabel Marant = <3), and their ability to book catwalk favourites to model their budget-friendly collections. It would seem that this is the season for the high street giant.

Above are some of my picks from their A/W collection:

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