Can you survive the Dropped challenge?

As part of a new global campaign, Heineken has decided to take on the challenge – are legends born, or are legends made? We just might have an answer to that question after this by the end of this new, and refreshing campaign – it is a must see.

In a daring and exciting new social experiment, everyday people will be taken out of their comfort zones and daily lives and put to the most extreme tests – dropped into the great unknown as part of the Voyage campaign by the brand and forced to survive by themselves – testing man to the limit; either making them, or breaking them.

First in the series, watch this South African man face up to the challenge of being dropped out of moving plane in mid-air by a bunch of clowns. The idea, to push him to his limit and see whether he can make it home with just basic supplies and directions, using his own resources and pushing him to discover his inner legend.

Each dropped adventurer will see their worst fears come to life across four different continents facing a number of different challenges while producing video diaries journalling their progress through the unknown. Facing uncertain terrain, no means of travel, how will our adventurers cope? Will they crack under the pressure? Time will tell.

Each adventurer will be dropped with nothing more than basic equipment and a plane ticket to get home – the only problem… the airport is hundreds of miles away and our adventurer has to fend for themselves in order to make it home.

Would you be able to survive the drop?

How about discover your inner legend and undertake your own travel adventure into the unknown with no idea where you are?

Could you be a Legend?

You can follow each of the dropped adventurers through Heineken’s official YouTube channel and even submit your own video entries to the casting couch in hopes of being chosen for their next campaign.

What are your worst fears? What could the brand do to you in order to make you crack under the pressure? Let us know in the comment section below.

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