Hello, Is It Me You’re Looking For?

Probably not since I quoted Lionel to introduce myself! Yikes Becks! Hold back a little!

I have been in conflict with myself the last few days in deciding what way to introduce myself to the exciting world of Yuppee.

I’m cringing as I type.

I’m not happy.

I’ve gone with the cliché… Hello my name is [Rebecca] and I want to be a [journalist]. I just made my profile outline. As I typed and deleted my bio I wondered was I the only one who struggled to identify myself in a quick description. How to stand out, or look cool? Is that what I was even aiming for? Does my description reveal more about how I see myself rather than what I actually am?

I’m going to play a game rather than the typical goals and aspirations. Something that always tickles my fancy is dating shows on T.V.  With the most recent being ‘First Dates’. What’s so great about dating shows is that people are displaying themselves and basically advertising themselves to another human; this fascinates me. So I’ll pretend I’m on a date with the readers of Yuppee. And here is one of my first date games, I’m sure some of you will be familiar to this one as it a gem for a sneaky flirt but also finding out some initial insight into the mind of your hunk. You give them four words or ‘scenarios’: favourite animal, favourite colour, a type of water experience e.g. drinking a glass of water or a bath etc. and a white room. You then ask your date not to tell you the details but rather to just to use four words or phrases to describe the experience of why they picked that animal / colour or how the experience is for them – which reveals more than what the subject matter asks for (as you may have gathered).

So here’s mine:

DOG. Hairy, Loyal, Friendly, Fun. (That’s what I want in a man not a dog, by the way)

GREEN. Versatile, Traditional yet Quirky and Home. (This is how I see myself, not the colour, obviously)

WATERFALL. Invigorating, Refreshing, Baptismal, Wild. (Bit personal for a hello, but that’s sex for me right there, aye, contain yourselves lads!)

WHITEROOM. Confused, Afraid but Content being Alone, Unknown. (Is what I think of an ‘Afterlife’ which I guess is fairly accurate too since I’m not affiliated with religion particularly).

These are the answers I gave playing this game in the Students’ Union in Queens’ University Belfast last September and honestly I think I’d give the same ones today. It’s funny how things stick in your mind but if there’s anything you take from this wee meet and greet, maybe it’s this game to suss out a hunk.

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