The Scarlet Orchid: Empowering Young Females One At A Time

Sex is a topic talked about a lot whilst at University, yet generally the content tends to be quite negative. With many young adults being diagnosed with sexually transmitted infections and the frequency of binge drinking increasing amongst students, the future doesn’t look positive for those entering into higher education.

This year Public Health England (PHE) released figures which illustrated that in 2012 there were 448,422 diagnoses of sexually transmitted infections amongst those under the age of 25. This was a 5% rise from the previous year, with half of all infections being chlamydia. Not only is this alarming due to the fact that these are only diagnosed cases and so it is likely the actual figure is a lot higher but concerns are growing as the global threat of antibiotic resistance grows.

With significant improvements in screening over the years and an increase in awareness, it’s quite surprising that young adults are continuing to have unsafe sex and put themselves at risk of sexually transmitted infections and the serious consequences associated with that, including infertility. Why is this? Personally I believe it’s a lack of respect for one’s own body, as well as a lack of respect for those you are choosing to have sexual intercourse with. This is where The Scarlet Orchid comes into play, as the company have specifically targeted females in an attempt to encourage them to be able to express their views about sex and sexuality in a safe environment.

Within society females aren’t given much of an opportunity to fully embrace their sexuality and not be called derogatory names such as a “slut” or a “whore”. For some reasons it’s seen as quite a taboo subject, which for me is the reason why many young females choose to abuse their bodies and take part in risky sexual activity. The Scarlet Orchid is a fantastic new website dedicated to the sex lives and sexuality of the modern woman. On a mission to empower women to explore, embrace and celebrate their sexuality, the site will cover a whole range of interesting and relevant topics from the serious and thought provoking (for example, sexual health, cultural attitudes to sex, sex post baby) to the more racy and raunchy (reviews of the latest sex toys to market, erotic short stories and audio).

The idea of having a website that will cater to females of all ages, who have differing attitudes towards the amount of sex they feel comfortable talking about, is a step towards liberating young women. It’s normal for young females to enjoy sex and to want to experiment, which is where the more raunchy side of The Scarlet Orchid comes into play. However this will be done in a way that illustrates you can enjoy sex but be respectful of your body at the same time. This is a connection I feel is missing and once mastered and fully understood, will enable young women to feel sexually satisfied and be going about it in a safe, respectful and healthy way.

With the website launching very soon, you can sign up for more information (including writing opportunities) at and follow the online hub on Twitter @AScarletOrchid.

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