Top Places in London for Science Lovers

If the geeky side of you has had enough of the designer shops and all the posh streets of London then you can always spend some time at these knowledge hotspots.


1. Science Museum. Exhibition Road. Free. From climate change to medical science to space exploration, there’s something for every kind of science lover with numerous interactive exhibits to give you a more hands-on experience. You can also explore the universe or the marvels of nature at the IMAX cinema which has shows running at various times during the day. Obviously the museum can get very busy so if you find the swarms of school trippers a tad annoying then check out the late night openings at the museum. Knowledge, fun and drinks for anyone 18 and over.


2. Peter Harrison Planetarium. Royal Observatory, Greenwich. Single adult: £6.50. Forget 3D. Get a feel for the solar system and beyond by simply watching everything come alive onto a 360 degree dome ceiling. The state-of-the-art HD projections makes you feel closer to the wonders of the universe as it combines CGI and real images from telescopes and satellites. Current shows include Meet the Neighbours – a guide to the planets in our solar system, and We Are Aliens! – an exploration into the possibility of alien life (narrated by Rupert Grint).


3. The Natural History Museum. Cromwell Road. Free. If you fancy something a little more down-to-Earth then the Natural History Museum is for you. Highlights include the Central Hall which houses the famous Diplodocus skeleton by the entrance, there are the galleries of Dinosaurs, Creepy Crawlies and ‘The Power Within’ which gives you a sense of what it’s like near a volcano and how an Earthquake feels. The museum also do late nights or ‘after hours’ and are worth checking out.


4. Wellcome Collection. Euston Road. Camden. Free. Have you ever wondered what it means to be human? The Wellcome Collection offers visitors a fascinating insight into the human body and medicine through a mixture of galleries, events and guided tours. The museum’s exhibit highlights include a Peruvian mummified man…


So if you’re curiously minded you’ll have plenty to do.

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