It’s here, it’s finally here – iOS 7

Just a day after the official release of the much anticipated game from Rockstar Games, Apple could not have picked a better time to release their latest technological advance to really grip the mass.

GTA V came out in the UK on Monday and had a sale revenue of almost $500bn grossing more than Call Of Duty: Black Ops II. Online syndicate Amazon had to restock the game because they sold out in pre orders whilst Royal Mail spent their morning apologising via social mediums to those anticipating the doorbell ring from their local postman.

Although I couldn’t fully join in the hype of queuing at a retailers at midnight like several others, yesterday I got the chance to allow the geek in me to breathe. Besides, after trawling the internet for news, I knew it was the breeding ground for crime and violence, which was later confirmed .

At precisely 17:56pm 18 September 2013, I got the chance to experience what the hype was all about. I had a conundrum though, the update was to be fully available at 6pm GMT, which was also the time I normally finish my internship so I had a choice, stay at work to be the first to have this revolutionary upgrade or wait till I got home after a two hour commute.

(I took a screenshot for originality – that’s the geek in me, I do apologise)

iOS 7 screenshot

I stayed at work in an attempt to satisfy my excitement but nothing in life is supposed to be simple is it.

The iOS 7 was supposed to be packing a wallop of new features, topped off with a sleek finish which had most Apple users holding their breath. Introduction of Airdrop, Dynamic Text, Frequent Locations and as requested by many Blocked Callers feature.

My very first attempt to get the update on my iPad and iPhone did not work out too well, it was myself and the rest of the world against Apple. With a few teething problems, installation failure, the server being overcrowded, I persevered.

I absolutely love it, it’s a nifty update but it makes me question Apple’s motives, getting billions of their customers hooked on the aesthetically pleasing update then releasing their new iPhone 5; 5s and 5c.

I guess we will never be ahead of the marketing team behind Apple but in the meantime just enjoy the technology they bring us.

I really wish they would do something about he battery life though.

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