Is Miley Cyrus Responsible for Setting an Example to her Fans?

Just about everyone’s seen that infamous VMA video clip. In fact, Miley Cyrus’ twerk-heavy performance at this year’s VMA award ceremony has been viewed over three million times- and that’s just the official clip!  But given how constrained her childhood career was, is it reasonable to expect Miley Cyrus to consider whether her recent antics might influence younger fans? Is she completely responsible for those who freely opt to idolise her?


Starting Young

Miley Cyrus’ career began at the tender age of eight in Medical and Family Drama ‘Doc’ in 2001. She also appeared in Blockbuster ‘Big Fish’ way back in 2003, but Cyrus’ big breakthrough came in the form of Disney Channel comedy ‘Hannah Montana’ in 2006. Yet it wasn’t until ‘Hannah Montana: The Movie’ was released in 2009 that the young songstress was released into more commercial and adult-associated markets, particularly with her hit Country-Pop power ballad ‘The Climb’.

Predictably, as the Nashville singer grew up her performances became increasingly risqué and therefore less appropriate for her younger fans in particular. The start of her transition into a more adult image began in 2010 with her role in ‘The Last Song’ (2010).This came alongside her final album with Hollywood Records ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ (2010) which already highlighted a racier image and sound. But it’s only this year that Cyrus has become one of the most controversial celebrities in the news.



It began with the 20-year-old guest starring in CBS sitcom ‘Two and a Half Men’ alongside Hollywood heartthrob Ashton Kutcher who replaced Charlie Sheen in the lead role in 2011 after Sheen more than dabbled in illegal drugs (amongst other things). By the time the episode starring Cyrus was aired, it was clear something had changed- she was now sporting a blonde pixie cut in place of her sweaky- clean, long brunette locks. Miley also signed a contract with RCA Records and is set to release her fourth studio album ‘Bangerz’ on 4th October. She released her single ‘We Can’t Stop’ on 3rd June and has provided guest vocals on a number of tracks for artists such as Will.I.Am and Snoop Dogg. So it’s safe to say it’s been a busy year!

Cyrus has also hired Britney Spears’ ex-manager Larry Rudolph and the connections between the two singers certainly don’t end there- just look at Spears’ breakdown after her childhood career came to an end. It’s no coincidence that the pair both had their childhoods utterly controlled and therefore taken away from them. It was also reported recently in the Daily Mail that Spears’ stated “I remember that age when I was just transferring into my career and…doing more controversial things and the energy that you feel and all this chaos that goes on…she is on fire right now…she’s just a ball full of energy.”

Lindsay Lohan has also struggled through her adult years with drinking, drugs, an eating disorder and crime which may be as a direct result of both a controlled childhood career and the incredible pressures of fame. The 27-year-old has been in prison five times (twice for drug charges and three times for physical fights)- but is this kind of behaviour a natural reaction after having your early life utterly laid out for you? Perhaps it’s only expected that you may feel you want to break free and be as liberated as you can just to prove to yourself and others that you are capable of living your own life.


Twirking and Parenting

So perhaps Miley Cyrus’ wild child ways and jaw-dropping dance moves are understandable as such- she’s simply breaking free. But just because Cyrus’ has been guarded for so long but, that does not alter the fact that she must recognise that she may be losing fans and influencing them in a negative manner by being promiscuous and overtly sexual. However, Cyrus also still claims to have strong religious beliefs, which is incredibly hypocritical given the constant reports of the singer smoking marijuana alongside her controversial on-stage moves. No matter your opinion on Christianity and organised religion in general, the fact is Miley is giving Christians a bad name by completely contradicting her apparent beliefs in the way she acts. Grinding on a married man in his mid-thirties, despite the fact Robin Thicke’s musical morality is hardly admirable, remains a defective act.

Despite how liberated Miley Cyrus may feel given her recent antics, the fact is she is partly responsible for the influence she has over her fans. Her controversy has not only resulted in her engagement to Aussie actor Liam Hemsworth coming to an end, but also caused many to perceive her as immature and vulgar. Yet it is safe to say her father, country king Billy Ray Cyrus is still defending his daughter by suggesting she is simply reinventing herself and her sound- although it must be considered that Billy Ray does have his own reputation to protect, as well as that of his daughter.


Having your childhood inhibited is a formulaic tale as old as time and constantly seems to close in the same way- with breakdowns rather than breakouts.

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