NOCEREMONY/// – NOCERMONY/// – NOC/// (Album Review)

For an emerging band seeking identity in such a manufactured industry can be a tough task but look no further in the form of NOCEREMONY/// who are simply an enigma.

Hailing from Manchester, the trio are made up of Victoria, James and Kelly. That’s simply all the information known of this band which is rather refreshing if you think of how so many generic and manufactured pop acts crave the exposure and limelight of popular mainstream music. Everything about NOCEREMONY/// sets the band aside from their contemporaries, the use of block capitals catch the attention of the eye immediately which is a tried and tested theme throughout the course of the record with extended use on the track names, listing them as run on words, a nightmare for music writers alone.

NOCERMONY/// is their self-titled debut album, released on their very own NOC/// label, although the album may be deemed short boasting only nine tracks which spans over half an hour listen, the results are quite simply stunning.

HURTLOVE opens the album and sets the tone throughout the record with a wonderful piano melody layered with melancholic electro and pulsating drums. HURTLOVE is the lead single which has received praise of the highest level from radio stations and musicians alone. FEELSOLOW continues the post electronic infused melodic pop sound they have created, with the term ‘lush pop’ being on everyone’s lips. Although the tracks are short lived, NOCERMONY/// keep you captivated throughout as if they are taking you through a fairy tale of some sort, and Victoria acting as the narrator. The first of two features on the record comes in the shape of HEARTBREAKER as Joey Santiago from The Pixies is drafted in on guitar to nerve shredding effect, dreamy electronic pop never sounded so good.

WARSONGS breaks the album up way through as the synths and electronic sounds are put aside briefly, with Victoria’s vocals owning the spotlight on this portrayal of an intimate live setting as “every night I miss, every step I miss you, every breathe I miss you, please don’t go” even leaving the most cocksure men feeling susceptible and emotional. AWAYFROMHERE follows swiftly, featuring James Vincent McMorrow (Ireland’s answer to Bon Iver) who’s vocals sound more beautiful on every listen, the only criticism being the track is too short lived with McMorrow’s vocals not being exploited enough.

PARTOFME is for the nocturnal post New Order generation, hazy vocals and mesmerising electronics dominate the sound waves, a clever production that leads to quite the payoff, exhibiting the drive and talent NOCERMONY/// retain in their locker. DELIVERUS and HEAVYHOUR bring the record to a close with enthusiasm and in transcendent fashion, leaving you susceptible and eagerly awaiting a little more punch.

NOCERMONY/// will leave you feeling mesmerised and vulnerable at best, it’s gripping and genre defying in every way. Their sound is unique, and although the record is short, that won’t leave you thinking you wasted your money on it, quite the contrary. NOCERMONY/// somehow pull of pushing the parameters of pop music alone, cementing their place within the increasingly popular melodic post electronic pop genre.

Luke McFarlane

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