New Music – Bipolar Sunshine

I’ve always felt that seeing a live band isn’t just about the band you know you’re going to see, but the up and coming support acts too. It like scouting future footballers and seeing fashion shows of next years fashion; the support acts are a preview for the future of music. From a personal view I saw Example support Lily Allen in 2009 and look where he is now…

If the Bastille gig I went too in Portsmouth last week is anything to go by, I can’t wait for the future of music. The first act opening for their Bad Blood tour was Bipolar Sunshine. Until finding out more about them I assumed the act was a band – a singer, drummer, bass and guitarist were on stage. Turns out it’s a solo project from front man Adio Marchant, who some might also recognise from the band Kid British.

Mellow sums up his music in one word. His Aesthetics EP consists of four tracks – Rivers, Fire, Blossom and a Rivers remix. Even the names of the songs give an image of peace, relaxing and nature. His chilled out stage presence matched the vibe of his vocals. Whilst some performers almost try too hard with over-confidence, Machant’s relaxed mood was interesting to watch. I’d say the best EP track is Rivers, compared to the slower sound of Fire and Blossom; Rivers is instantly toe tapping and catchy, proved by the audience knowing the upbeat chorus by the end of the performance. Another favourite song is Love More Worry Less which will be featured on his next EP. Steering away from the emotive sound of the previous songs, the chorus blasts positive vibes – suggested by the title. Similar to Rivers it is instantly catchy yet still laid back.

Some mellow sounding tunes can be too relaxed and become boring, but there is room for Bipolar Sunshine’s unique sound – there’s not even a band or artist that comes to mind as competition. With a range of high quality songs already out there and his personality being well received by audiences, Bipolar Sunshine looks to have an optimistic future – like the message of his latest song. Aswell as a memorable (personally I love it) creative stage name.

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