HEY BB! Say Hello to the BB Cream

If you don’t own one, you’ve probably seen, heard or have contemplated buying into the new craze of the ‘BB’ AKA Blemish Balm cream.

It’s almost exploded into the mainstream consumer eye most recently this year but it is originally a Japanese product used abundantly amongst women who have uncovered the many glories of the simple but effective item.

The cream is a winner amongst so many because of its anti-oxidant properties, its sheer quality and SPF15 (or higher) factor. If you’re lazy like me and can’t particularly be bothered to apply a face full of make-up every day, then this product is ideal as it allows you to cover up dark spots and under-eyes, any scars, lines or unevenness of skin tone in the whip of a finger stroke. You can wear it as a base or primer which will help smooth out your complexion before you use your regular foundation or you can wear it alone for a very au natural look.

There are so many variants and makes being produced by most of the major cosmetic lines from Clinique to Loreal and Maybeline – supermodel Iman also has her own range for women of colour under her self-titled make-up line. One thing that is also very handy about the BB cream is that there’s really little room for confusion when it comes to choosing the right shade for your skin tone. We all know how frustrating it can be wading through bottles upon bottles of foundation from all the different companies who say this one can be your “True Match” and that one is “Dream Matte Mousse,” and it can take ages to find something that really works. With BB cream there are labels; light, medium and dark and that’s really as complicated as it gets (with most companies brands).

Because the cream is so translucent and works so easily into the skin there is no need to get an ‘exact’ shade that fits your colour perfectly.

You can seek out a BB Cream from any cosmetic line company but through research I’ve found that some of the very best actually stem from Japanese companies such as Missha, Skin79 and theFaceShop – which is not surprising since the cream is a Korean invention!

So, I’d say the BB Cream is definitely here to stay and it’s worth investing in one that works for you and there are so many affordable brands, they’re accessible to everyone to enjoy!

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