Is the Duchess of Cambridge changing her style?

Rumour has it that Kate Middleton is going to change her style, from head to toe. A friend of hers, and godmother to Prince George, is rumoured to be her new stylist. Emilia Jardine-Paterson would like to make her style a little more retro and a little less classic, and make her take fashion risks. Here’s why she shouldn’t do that.

Kate Middleton is an ambassador for British fashion. Each year since her engagement to Prince William, she has been named in the Style Icon category at the British Fashion Awards. She wore many pieces from great British designers: Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Burberry, Erdem, Mulberry, and so many more. She dresses well, has pretty hair and a nice natural look. Is she boring or wise? To me, she’s wiser in her choices than you think.

Kate is a reliable fashion role model. She appeals to women from teens to grandmothers, who see her as a modern princess, a powerful woman and a stylish mom. She wears her clothes on multiple occasions; she buys discounted clothes and wears high street brands such as Top Shop, Zara and Reiss. Yes, she’s a royal figure, but she’s also your common British woman, as women can relate to her and make the same fashion choices. She’s a much better fashion icon than some other celebs at the moment, in my opinion.

As for public duties, yes, she makes safe fashion choices, and that’s perfect if she doesn’t want to make a royal scandal out of it. She’s conservative, but keep in mind that she has a royal dress code to follow. I think she dresses wisely, and she better stay that way for her sake. If she starts doing risky fashion choices, then she might stumble and the press will be there to report about it. At the moment, it’s only a passive-aggressive frenzy about her ‘’boring, granny style’’ that’s going on, nothing as serious as the critics that Miley Cyrus or Kim Kardashian can receive, as people can get really involved and mean.

For those who say that Kate Middleton has a boring style and shouldn’t repeat outfits, take it this way. She probably does this so the focus isn’t on her, but on the charity she helps or so she doesn’t outshine someone else. She definitely knows people talk about her wardrobe, but she doesn’t want her duties to be a fashion runway. Isn’t it ladylike? To me, at least, it seems very generous of her, but not surprising. She could use her royal role as a way to get free designer clothes (she buys every piece she wears), she has the money to spend big bucks if she wants (but she shops in the sale section), and could be a lot more fabulous. But she chooses not to.

Although Kate Middleton can wear pretty extravagant dresses on red carpets and glamour events. Remember that cream Roland Mouret dress with a high slit? Sexy, yet demure! Or that Jenny Packham turquoise lace dress? Chic, elegant and very feminine!

Let the Duchess of Cambridge wears what she likes, she knows best what a princess is supposed to wear, doesn’t she?

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