The world of words

November 23rd is the International Day of Words.

Words… How much a simple one can contain! It is filled with senses, intentions, experiences, memories, meanings. It is a social and cultural fact but, at the same time, is so personal too.

We live with words. Everything started with a word.

Words can heal… and can hurt. Words can give life or wish death. Words can lead to peace or to war. Insults, bad words, aggressions can damage deeper than a weapon. Because words reach the heart, the soul.

The wise king Solomon said “The words of the reckless pierce like swords, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.” Using words is a huge responsibility. And we are constantly using them. We think, we say, we share, we tell them to others.

The Day of Words initiative was taken by the Spanish foundation César E. Serrano commemorating the day that the Museum of Words was created in Toledo, Spain. With the support of universities, professionals, organisations and celebrities of culture, this foundation presented a manifest to the United Nations. The motto was “words are the bond of humankind” in order to promote them as a way of understanding and peaceful treatments between communities.

We have the words, we have the power. A mother can mark her son for life so deep by calling him “stupid” in a moment of anger. A relationship or a friendship, can be damaged by angry words. Or, the opposite, they can be lifted up with proper, encouraging words.

How about we start saying good words? Words of encouragement, of congratulation, of support. A simple word can change the world!

What are you doing with your words?

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