Strategic Thinking in 2014 – An Unmissable Event

Are you interested in learning more about business and strategic thinking? Do you think that you or your business would benefit from a thorough network of likeminded business people? Then this is the perfect event for you. Presented by David Seall and Dr. Andy Adcroft, this is an education discussion that will provide you with an exciting new way to network and meet clients at the home of sport in Surrey.

Once you’ve booked your tickets to this fantastic event, you’ll need to find somewhere to stay. We suggest staying at Holiday Inn as it’s just a short distance from Surrey sports park, making it an easy commute.


A little more about the speakers:

David Seall is a business advisor who specialises in the follow disciplines: process improvement, strategic thinking, corporate guidance and manufacturing. In this day and age,  it’s even more important to invest time into your own education to further your business. His talk will be both educational and informative and will provide you with the tools to take your business to the next level.

Dr Andy Adcroft the Deputy Head of Surrey business school. He will share his extensive knowledge of many business focused topics including strategic thinking and change management.

While you will gain a lot from the speakers expertise, it is also an excellent opportunity to network with likeminded business people, further strengthening your relationships and business. This event is sponsored by UniTemps which is the University of Surrey’s in-house recruitment agency. It is best suited to business people wishing to progress their business and networking, as well as university students who want to get some practical education alongside their degree.

Strategic thinking 2014 is being held on the 23rd of January, at 6.30pm. The venue is Surrey Sports Park. Ticket prices vary between £7.50-15.00, making it a very affordable evening of strong networking and business education.

If you’re ready to get your business operating at the next level or to increase the network of business people that you engage with, then this is a wonderful opportunity for you to expand.

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