Friendship to the rescue

There are times when a friend needs a helping hand and support. One recent experience opened up just how beneficial being there for someone is for their recovery.

One of the most important parts of life is the bond that is shared between friends.  Granted, family ties will always be your strongest connections, and they will always know the most about you, but the link to friends is by no means small.  This, obviously, is friendship.

Strong friendships mean even more in times of crisis or need.  With that also comes a responsibility.  Trust, loyalty and respect are three building blocks that can form an inseparable relationship.  No matter how small, or how severe the illness or situation might be, one little act of kindness – and selflessness, even – will go a long, long way in cementing the connecting.

To take a small leaf out of the Veronica Roth Divergent trilogy, you can add selflessness in there as well.

The experience in question came about on the three days surrounding, and including, New Years Day.  When a friend is sick, instinct takes over.  Making sure they have the right medication, or equipment, and giving them a helping hand makes both of you feel good – if you can perceive it that way.

For the better of two days, the only assistance (aside from the hospital visit) this friend was the knowledge of previous experience, explanations from parents, and a lot of compassion.

Doing nothing more than being a support and being the best friend you can may actually be – although not the right one – a very valuable asset that keeps a positive mindset on track for both parties.

In this world, finding someone who will selflessly take time out and worry less about their own health, and dedicate all of said time to help look after someone is rare.  In addition, is that not a true sign of how two people can understand each other, even when neither is operating at 100 per cent?

Regardless, everyone has their own unique way of averting or dealing with a crisis/state of affairs that can test your mental and physical capabilities.  Not everyone, however, is going to be ready to “stick” and stay; some will be running for the door in a second.

That is for another time though.  Little things in life are dismissed so easily; but then when it all turns around to face darkness, we realise just how much value they can hold.

Messages are simple, and can be conveyed in any number of ways.  This one here is; don’t let go of your friends – they can only make you stronger.


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