Bye Bye Ball Gowns? Is Red Carpet Attire Getting A Makeover?

What else can you expect to start off the new year other than resolutions broken by mid-January and weather so temperamental that one day you’re wearing one layer and the next you’re in five? Why, it’s time for Red Carpet season again! Yes, over the next few months Hollywoods finest will be traipsing up and down various carpets in their finest, hoping to scoop whatever award they’re nominated for all whilst acting like they could care less. Expect all the live coverage on E! and plenty of best and worst dressed segments in the glossies.

Anyway, kicking off the ceremonies last Sunday was the Golden Globe Awards. Now I won’t bore you with details of the nominees (predictable but a majority deserving) but instead will get straight to business. Personally I found the outfits a bit lacklustre the year, everything was a bit snoozefest. Nothing really stood out too much. I mean sure, Anna Faris dared to wear a canary yellow dress and yes, Sofia Vergara bought the glitter bombshell in her black sparkly number, but the one name on everyone’s lips was our very own Emma Watson.

Gliding her way down the carpet, Miss Watson was kitted out in a bright red Dior dress, which looked very ‘prope’r and subtle from the front with its capped sleeves and cute bow around the waist. However, one glimpse of her back revealed the dress was actually backless- the only thing covering her modesty was a pair of black crepe cigarette trousers. And the fashion world went wild. I have seen nothing but praise for Emma’s ensemble and I have to say I can see why. The red dress is elegant but racy, the black trousers strangely effective and the cobalt blue heels seem to break the look up so it’s more on trend rather that frumpy.

This raises the question- are pantsuits and two-pieces’s barging typical Award attire out the way with an almighty bang? Are dresses and gowns a thing of the past at Red Carpet events? Emma is not the only celeb who thinks so. Diane Keaton also attended the ceremony in a tailored black suit and tie concoction and last year actress Ahna O’Reilly graced Cannes in a striking Monique Lhuillier dress + trousers set along with Nina Dobrev (also in Lhuillier) at the Met Gala.

cannes ahna orelly

Ahna O’Reilly in Cannes 2013

met gala nina

Nina Dobrev at the Met Gala 2013

This is definitely a look to watch in 2014.


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