Drake calls out Macklemore

 Drake Calls Out Macklemore about his publicly displayed apology to Kendrick Lamar 

Macklemore cleaned up at the Grammy Awards picking up 4 gongs including Best Rap song and Best Rap performance.

This was to the disapproval of many people including Drake! Macklemore felt obliged to publicly apologise to Kendrick Lamar, whom he thought would have won the award.

Drake Calls otu Macklemore

Macklemore was really hoping that Kendrick Lamar would be the big winner at the Grammy Awards

Drake was not happy about this at all and sitting down with Rolling Stones in an interview recently, when asked about the text, he replied:

“That sh*t was wack as f*ck” I was like, ‘You won. Why are you posting your text message? Just chill. Take your W, and if you feel you didn’t deserve it, go get better — make better music, It felt cheap. It didn’t feel genuine. Why do that? Why feel guilt? You think those guys would pay homage to you if they won?”

Drake went on to suggest that Macklemore had won because he was able to “tap into” audiences that he and the other contenders for the awards couldn’t.

Macklemore is seen to be a lot more mainstream than most rap artists in the sense that he is able to create music that addresses  topical issues in society, namely gay rights.  A lot of people agree with Drake’s comment and that there were more deserving people amongst the nominees.

Macklemore visited Hot 97 FM  and defended himself in an interview saying:

“What makes it awkward for me is the fact that you never want to be the person that’s robbing somebody else. And I think what people don’t understand, is what the Grammys are. It’s a bunch of people on the Grammy committee, in the industry, that get a ballot,” he said. “I got a ballot this year. Now, as I’m filling out the ballot I’m realizing I don’t know much outside of the genre of hip-hop. So people are filing out bubbles of genres that they don’t know about, and that’s the process of it.”

Unlike Drake, Kendrick threw no shade at  Macklemore and even went on to congratulate him :

“Well deserved to him… Everything happens for a reason”

Macklemore’s style may not be the same as your typical rap artist’s but he is never the less still good at what he does, Drake’s dig was understandable as the apology did come across as ‘cheap’  but I still sense a bit of jealousy on his end. Macklemore should be applauded for his unique talent!


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