How to Modify Your Home as you Age

For many of us, the dream is to be able to live in our own homes as long as our health continues. As we get older, simple tasks seem to become a little more challenging. Thankfully there are some changes you can make around the house to make your home more suited to you as your needs change. From walk in baths for the elderly to changing the height of the kitchen benches, there are a lot of minor changes that can make your life more comfortable. Here are some suggestions of how to modify your home as you age:


A Walk in Bath:

For many baths are a peaceful time, the warm water soothes away any lingering aches and pains and lets you relax. For others it is simply a practical time of getting cleaned. Either way, it can be a problem when you can no longer easily climb into your bath. That doesn’t mean you should have to give up the comfort and luxury of lingering for a while in a warm tub.


Lower Bench Height:

If you find yourself needing to use a wheelchair to get around, dealing with counter tops in the kitchen can be a real challenge. Remodelling the kitchen so the bench heights are more appropriate can be a quick transformation that allows you to regain your independence again.


Installing Taller Toilets:

When you’re not quite as nimble as you once were, bending down to go to the toilet can be a bit of a nightmare. Installing taller toilets is a great alternative because you simply wont have to sit yourself quite down as far to use it.


Stair Chair:

If you live in a multi storey house and are finding it a bit of a hassle climbing the stairs, installing a stair chair can be a great way to relieve some of the strain. Stair chairs are also a great tool for those who are using a wheel chair.


No Step from Drive to Bathroom:

If you’re looking to build a home that will last you a lifetime, why not consider building practically? Implementing a no step design from the driveway all the way to the bathroom will make it easy to get to and from your house whether you’re using a wheel chair or a walker frame.


There are so many little tweaks you can make to your home so that you can continue to live in it. Throughout our different ages, from small babies, to grown adults, we need different environments. With forward planning and a little clever thinking you can create a home that will serve you well throughout the years.

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