Undead Ted: The UK’s Scariest Valentine’s Day Gift

For anyone bored of buying the same cute, fluffy teddy bear every year for Valentine’s Day, this gory alternative may be the ideal present to either impress or horrify a loved one.

Undead Teds are the invention of British artist Philip Blackman. Inspired by zombie films, Philip’s enterprise took off after he decided to transform some old teddy bears he bought online.

Philip makes teeth bones and organs from latex then paints the bears with red varnish to add to the grisly effect of each Ted’s injuries. He describes his designs as: “repurposed soft toys transformed into fluffy, bloody horrors to keep you awake at night.”

These hand-sculpted ‘zombie teddies’ are now very popular and weekly batches sell out in minutes. Buyers all over the world want to get their hands on one of these creations.

 Bloody Valentine's Undead Ted

Bloody Valentine’s Undead Ted: The Ideal Romantic Gift?

According to the artist, both men and women find Undead Teds appealing and buy them as Valentine’s Day presents despite how horrifying they may seem to others. In the run up to February 14 there are more requests specifically for the ‘Blood Valentine’ design (pictured).

Philip enjoys the process of making the bears look as gruesome as possible and said: “They’ve all been great fun to make but of all the ones I’ve made so far, my favourites are the Valentine ones, holding their torn-out hearts aloft as a grisly gift to their lovers.”

He also welcomes personal design requests from customers. Undead Ted fans everywhere can send Philip their own childhood teddies with plans for how they want him to customise them.

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