The Best Gifts Valentine’s Gifts for Her

Whatever your view Valentine’s Day, if you’re in a relationship it’s likely you’ll be doing something special come Friday 14th. But what’s appropriate to buy your partner at different stages of the relationship? Here’s my advice for perfect presents.


1. DIY
If you’re good with your hands creatively speaking, take advantage! Save some pennies and make her something; think slushy poems, mixtapes and photo albums capturing memories you’ve shared. And surprises are always a plus.

2. Something Sparkly

Jewellery. This word can make many a female weak. The critical thing is to make her feel loved by knowing her taste, and it’s best to save the pricey jewellery for when you’re in a long term partnership because you’re only going to put pressure on yourself to purchase pricey future presents.


3. New Experiences
Why not take advantage of Valentine’s Day and reveal your romantic side? Get tickets to a concert you’ll both enjoy, book a getaway or go to spa together and chill out- think escapism.


4. Something Useful
Only consider this if you know your partner like the back of your hand. If you’re in a long term relationship, it’s likely to be acceptable to ask your loved one for gift ideas, perhaps utensils, pyjamas, office clothing etc.


5. Clothing, Fragrance & Other Girly Stuff
If you’ve opted to buy her clothing, it must be something she’ll look and feel fantastic in, and be certain you’ve got her size right! There’s nothing worse than offending your partner by getting something that’s too big.

Perfume is a decent option but tricky to get right, yet if you’re successful it can be something you both enjoy. Bubble bath and pretty toilettries can be a lovely gift too.

Make-up is another strong possibility, as long as it’s decent quality and similar to what’s already in her make-up bag; don’t be too adventurous!

6. Underwear

For most of the male population, this should be avoided like the plague. Getting her size right is imperative, as is style. Lingerie shopping is tough to master but if done well, you’ll purchase something girly, gorgeous and great for you both.

7. Dinner, Chocolates & Flowers

If you go out for dinner regularly, it’s best this isn’t the only present you get her. Cooking can also be greatly appreciated and could just be the way to her heart.


Although chocolates and flowers can be wonderful gestures let’s face it, they’ll either be dead or eaten in a few days so buy her something can treasure for years, or at least months, to come.

Whatever gift you chose on February 14th, they should be thoughtfully tailored to the individual; if you know and love them, you’re sure to buy something she’ll love too.

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