Happy Chinese New Year – Celebrate with travel

Although many of us celebrated the New Year at the beginning of January, the Chinese New Year took place this year at the end of January. We have this great little app to share with you, that will suggest the perfect holiday destination for you, based on your Chinese horoscope animal. It’s a fun way to get some travel inspiration for 2014 and beyond – let us take you around the world in a matter of minutes.

A little history on Chinese Zodiacs:
It is thought that your Chinese Zodiac, tells more about you than how old you are. Based on the year you’re born in, you are given a Chinese Zodiac, which is an animal. From dragons to rabbits, there’s a lot that the animal you get says about your personality, lifestyle and who a good partner for you would be. When the Chinese New Year and Zodiac was created, there was no calendar as we know it, so this was a way to keep track of the years.

For most of us travel bunnies, we don’t need an excuse or any push to book a new trip somewhere – any excuse will do. This app, however, is a fun way to see what kinda destinations we might like based on our Chinese zodiac sign, and it’s a great way to get inspired to travel somewhere we might not have considered already.

Enter your details in the app below and see what it comes up with! Let us know in the comments below what your zodiac sign is and suggested travel destination(s) – we would love to hear where you want to travel to.

Happy Chinese New Year! And may the Horse be with you!

The Thomas Cook Chinese New Year Horoscope Finder

Now that you have your destination of choice, what are you waiting for? This being the year of the Horse, what better way to run free, spread those legs and take up the opportunity to join in on the fun – you never know where this app might take you around the globe!


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