The perks of being home alone

I’m home alone right now. I’m rarely ever home alone. But man, does this feel good. I mean, I can have my time alone if I want it, but there’s something different about knowing that no one is on the other side of your bedroom door.

I just peed with the door open. And It felt so good.

I also ate the last of the Nutella. I don’t even feel guilty. No one can judge me.

My music is bad and my music loud. Wicked is playing. Hell, I might play a Christmas song next. No one will ever know.

Winston singing Popular from Wicked

I’m licking the Nutella off my fingers. I’m disgusting. And I even don’t care. I can run to the kitchen, because something is calling my name. Chocolate. Chocolate is calling me.


I don’t have to fuss around and wear my clothes to the bathroom, strip, then have a shower. I can just walk to the shower in the nude. So freeing. You don’t have to worry about something like this happening: (Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing)

The proposal

I can try on different outfits for no reason, just because I like playing dress up. No one is here to knock on my door and see me all dressed up, when I’m not leaving the house all day. Like literally, all dressed up and nowhere to go. I am talking to myself right now.

I just did the face Macaulay Culkin does in Home Alone. Because it’s seemed relevant, and the right thing to do. And mainly just because I could. Elton John’s ‘Can you feel the love tonight?’ just came on. This is freedom at it’s finest.


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