Is the NekNomination Craze worth all this attention ?

As I was on my way to university two weeks ago I got a text from my friend telling me, have I heard of the new Facebook drinking game called NekNomination.

I was clue less about it, so that afternoon she was showing me the many videos available on Facebook of people who have been nominated to take part.

I was absolutely disgusted at the lengths some people were going to in order to gain popularity, for example there was even someone eating dog poop as part of it.

So how does the game work you might ask ?, well someone nominates you on Facebook you then have

to drink a large amount of alcohol all at once, within the 24 hours you have been nominated.

Then you simply upload your video on Facebook or on Youtube as some people have been doing and nominate someone, and the process repeats itself again.

According to the Mirror newspaper four people who have taken part in the UK and Ireland have died.

And to be honest with the amount of people using Facebook and getting exposed to it, I only think that the death toll will rise , which is sad.

Some people find it hard to understand why people put themselves through this, but in today’s society people might feel more peer pressured into doing such by their friends. And others well they see it as a popularity contest, because after all its all about who gets the most views, likes and comments.

The craze has taken the country by such a big storm that according to the Mail Online Neknominating people could get you in trouble with the law these days.

People have been warned that even if the person they have nominated has suffered no harm while carrying out their nomination, they could still be charged with manslaughter.

Where do I stand on this, well as entertaining as it keeps people I think people who take part in it are just plain crazy.

And I really don’t see the point of putting your body through such a thing, just to fulfil the nomination.


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