Beat your Winter Olympic blues

Following the end to the pulsating Winter Olympics in Sochi, many people are left wondering… what now? Or even worse, many people are left wondering what now whilst sitting behind a desk in a dreary location at work!

This innovative app aims to combat both your winter blues and offer a suitable solution for those of you who are stuck with work to do at the same time. Why not take a holiday whilst doing your day to day job at the same time?

The app is designed to allow people to find remote working spaces and available offices so that after enjoying an afternoon of skating, skiing, or even ice hockey, you can head to a nice working environment to get the job done – why not take advantage of remote working in a location you can enjoy all while beating those Winter Olympic blues at the same time.

How does this all work? Easier than you think. You simply enter in a destination around the world followed by the type of winter sport you would like to undertake, and the app does the rest for you by matching your needs to locations making it easy for you to book and be away within moments.

The Olympics may be over for the masses, but perhaps it isn’t over just yet for you.

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